DIASH’s Albums of the Month: RSD Edition

It's finally here! After a year (and a few months) of waiting, Record Store Day is officially happening at participating stores Saturday. In addition to some new releases, there will be limited editions of classics from Infectious Grooves and AC/DC, to name a few. Here is our short list of potential new additions to your [...]

The New Promotion

Part Four: 'Zines of Yestertomorrow To end our discussion about unique music promotion, we are taking it back to another old-school method: music magazines. However, instead of focusing on big ones like Rolling Stone and Consequence of Sound (although their articles cater to a lot of genres), we are going to focus on some lesser-known [...]

The New Promotion

Part Two: The Future Lives on a Stream? Using the hashtag #SaveOurStages, entertainment venues marked one year since lockdown last weekend with social media posts about the last concert dates played behind their doors. Even before the pandemic, musicians were doing some stuff with live streaming at home. For example, Tash Sultana did bedroom recording [...]

The New Promotion

Part One: Pressing Vinyl for Indie, Major Artists With a music industry boom expected in 2021, artists are looking for new and creative ways to not only promote their material but sell it as well. And so, these companies harbor creative outlets for unique promotion using an old-school method: vinyl records. United Record Pressing Founded [...]

The Fight for Music Rights

Selling Music Catalogues Becoming a New Trend In January, Rolling Stone published an article about a new trend of artists selling their music catalogues to buyers like Primary Wave. What is causing this recent uptick in the music industry? One of them is COVID-19. With concerts canceled and streaming services like Spotify dominating consumption of [...]

TikTok Launches Deal With Sony Music

Well, well, well. Looks like they might not be defeated after all. On Monday, it was announced Sony Music reached a deal with music social media app TikTok for use. While not much is known about the deal, TikTok now has control over Sony Music’s audio clips, new releases, and rare cuts. The move partially [...]

Reel(ing)s from TikTok Ban

Game. Set. Match? On September 18, social media platform TikTok was banned from United States markets over concerns Chinese hackers were allegedly using the app to gather personal information. But is this the end of these short burst viral videos altogether? The ban, which came into effect September 27th, has banned all use of the [...]