By Em Hughes (Founder, DIASH) Here I sit, 3am and no one to share the night with. I had the nightmare again. It was a long one that I can't remember all that happened. But the last bit was pretty terrifying. I was nine again, standing in my mother's bedroom. She was on her phone [...]

Quibi(tes) the Dust

Streaming service app Quibi announced it's shutdown last Tuesday after just six months of being available for consumer download. The service, led by former Ebay chief Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg from Dreamworks Animation was built to succeed. How could it do anything but with an almost $1.7 billion dollar investment from the likes of [...]

Reel(ing)s from TikTok Ban

Game. Set. Match? On September 18, social media platform TikTok was banned from United States markets over concerns Chinese hackers were allegedly using the app to gather personal information. But is this the end of these short burst viral videos altogether? The ban, which came into effect September 27th, has banned all use of the [...]

(Re)Living Empowerment in 2020

Anti-racism books, love for natural hair and a movement dedicated to empowerment has only grown in popularity among cries of voices fighting to be heard. In a sense, we are reliving something like the late 60s-early 70s culture and these shops are living proof we are living some of the past presently. NXC Vintage An [...]

City Life

By Em Hughes (founder, DIASH) The moon hung lower over the horizon, shining on the tracks below the 451 as it slowly chugged along. Nothing could be seen besides the faces of the work-sullen people commuting home. Oh, and the bratty kids sitting next to their overindulgent parents on their iPhone X's ranting on about [...]